What is Eggsplosion?

We like to call Eggsplosion "The Biggest Egg Hunt Cedarville Has Ever Seen!"

Complete with FREE snacks, drinks, popsicles, and THOUSANDS of candy and prize ticket filled Easter Eggs, it truly is just that!

Usually held a couple of weeks before Easter, Eggsplosion is a completely FREE event and open to the entire community and surrounding areas! Although only kids ages 0-12 years hunt the eggs, everyone is invited to the free snacks! Every one of eggs are filled with candy or prize tickets, then divided among three age groups: 0-5 years, 6-8 years, and 9-12 years. We do this to ensure that everyone goes home with plenty of goodies and gets a good shot at finding extra prizes! 

For the past few years, this event has been held at the Cedarville High School Football Field.

We would like to thank the Cedarville School District for allowing us to use their facilities!