What is Mega Sports Camp?

Mega Sports Camp is a completely FREE 4-night event sponsored by CFA's Area 2:52 Children's Ministry in the month of June. Our very first Mega Sports Camp was held in 2007, and the outreach has grown every since! The first years had an approximate attendance of 30-40 children... the past two years have averaged in the 200 children range! It has become known as the "Best Week of the Year!" at CFA! 


Registration begins at 5:00 p.m. on the first night, with the actual service beginning at 6:00 p.m. On the first night of Mega Sports Camp, children register and choose their sport they would like to learn about for Mega Sports Camp. (No experience in the sport is required and all required equipment is supplied by CFA and CFA members!) 

A Night at Mega Sports Camp 

At the start of each night (6:00 p.m.), all attending children begin in the sanctuary for our Opening Rally. At the Opening Rally, our Children's Worship Team helps kick Mega Sports Camp off with awesome, contemporary worship videos. Following worship, Pastor Treva introduces everyone to the day's Key Points and the week's Power Verse. Children are encouraged to memorize the Key Points and Power Verse over the duration of the camp. At the conclusion of the Opening Rally, Pastor Treva releases each sport to go to their respective areas where the children are then sub-divided into age groups and then begin to practice and learn new aspects of their sport. The first two sports sessions are divided by Huddle Time. Huddle Time is a designated time for the children to get a drink of water, rest, and have a short devotion-like lesson with one of their coaches and the rest of the children in their age group. Once the Huddle Time coach has finished the lesson, the children return to their second sport session. Then, everyone is called back inside for Half Time, where the kids are served a light meal (hot dog, half sandwich, etc.) and drink (usually juice or Kool-Aid). After everyone is finished eating, Pastor Treva gives a mini-lesson before releasing everyone back to their respective sports for their final sports session of the night. The night concludes back in the sanctuary for the Closing Rally. It is during this time that Pastor Treva reviews everything that was learned over the night and teaches a final (more extensive) Bible Story that illustrates the day's Key Points and Power Verse. We make sure to end every Mega Sports Camp night with an altar call and an opportunity for the children to request special prayer for anyone (or anything) they would like. Service typically concludes around 8:30 p.m., but occasionally will run over by a few minutes.


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